Who We Are

Manufactured Home Certifications, US LLC Provides Engineering Certification Services of Manufactured Homes.

Through Registered Field Inspectors Throughout the Country We Provide:

  1. Permanent Foundation Engineering Certifications
  2. Engineering Certification of additions (decks, porches, rooms)

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Permanent Foundation Engineering Certifications of MFD (Manufactured) Homes.

Engineering Certifications of additions to MFD (Manufactured) Homes.

Expedient Service with Professional Reports

Prices offered

Since each market area is unique, the Registered Field Inspector sets the price for their area of service. This insures that the cost is competitive and fair for the area where the manufactured home is located.

Why we're different

Often the last service to be ordered for the sale of a manufactured home are the permanent foundation and/or addition(s) engineering certification(s). To keep the overall cost down and provide a very timely service, we work very hard with the Registered Field Inspector to make sure that the inspection is completed within 3 to 4 business days.