Manufactured Home

At Manufactured Home Certifications, US PLLC, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in
transforming the manufactured home certifications sector. Founded by Pat and Harold, our
company emerged in response to the critical need for more qualified inspectors nationwide.
We realized that the shortage of inspectors was not only unnecessarily prolonging waiting
times for inspections but also compromising the quality and efficiency of the service. From
our inception, we have been dedicated to making a difference, ensuring quick response
times without sacrificing quality.

Why Choose Manufactured Home Certifications?

Our approach is centered on three fundamental pillars: speed, quality, and personalized
service. We understand the importance of minimizing waiting times, which is why we strive
to complete all inspections and reports in no more than 2 or 3 days. However, speed does
not come at the cost of quality. Our reports are thorough and professional, designed to
provide you with all the information you need in a
clear and accessible manner.


Patrick Conroy, P.E. - Engineering Expert with a Passion for Teaching and Flying

A Professional Engineer licensed in 47 states brings 35 years of experience to the table. With a decade of experience in Manufactured Home Inspections under HUD, and a unique specialty in Underwater Bridge Inspections globally, Pat stands out in his field. He's not just an engineer but also an esteemed Certified Instructor for Bridge Inspection courses across the U.S. When not shaping the future of engineering, Pat enjoys the skies in his 1946 Stinson airplane, boating adventures with his wife, Karin, alongside mentoring flight students.


Harold Van Dyk - Master Inspector with a Diverse Skill Set

A seasoned Certified Master Inspector and NACHI member, Harold has been revolutionizing home inspections since 1998. His extensive experience includes thousands of home inspections and over a decade in engineering inspections of manufactured homes, where he also imparts his knowledge to other inspectors. Beyond his core expertise, Harold is a Certified Mold Inspector, Radon Gas Tester, and conducts Well and Septic Inspections. As an expert witness, he supports legal t eams with his insights. Outside of work, Harold leads a fulfilling life packed with boating, traveling alongside his wife Rebecca, expressing his musical talent as an accomplished church organist with a CD, and indulging in flying, where he holds an Airline Transport Rating for business jets.

Inspectors, transform Your Future Today
with Manufactured Home Certifications

Are you ready to experience an unprecedented certification service? With Manufactured Home Certifications, you will not only move forward quickly with your plans, but you will also have the peace of mind knowing that your property meets all safety and quality standards. Ensures that the cost is competitive and fair for the area where the manufactured home is located.