Additions Certification of
Manufactured Homes.


Our service focuses on ensuring that any new addition, such as bedrooms or porches, adheres strictly to HUD guidelines by being completely self-supporting. This approach safeguards your manufactured home's integrity, enhancing its value and functionality without risking structural issues.

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We offer you the best benefits:

Protects Structural Integrity: Ensures additions don't compromise the manufactured home's structure by verifying they're self-supporting.

Enhances Home Value: Properly executed additions, compliant with HUD guidelines, can significantly increase the home's market appeal and value.

Prevents Future Complications: Avoids potential legal and financial issues during the sale process by ensuring additions meet federal standards.

Prices offered

Since each market area is unique, the Registered Field Inspector sets the price for their area of service. This ensures that the cost is competitive and fair for the area where the manufactured home is located.