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If we have questions about an inspection, we typically reach out directly to inspectors. If you check this box, we will call the company phone number instead of the inspector's phone number.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Each registered inspector must be a member in good standing with either NACHI or ASHI Must be a full-time home inspector.
  2. The company agrees to conduct inspections and file the report within 3 business days of receiving the order from your client.
  3. Company agrees that only their inspectors who are registered with Manufactured Home Certifications, US LLC will conduct the inspections. If your company is unable to conduct the inspection and file the report within 3 business days, they agree to pass the inspection on to another Registered inspection company/inspector.
  4. Take the required pictures in Landscape mode with the date and time stamp posted on the pictures.
  5. Have a website for your company/business.
  6. Post the Web page snippet, which we will provide you, on your company web site. This allows customers to not only find you, but also to place an order with you or your office.
  7. Manufactured Home Certifications will in turn place your name and contact information on our web site. This allows potential clients looking for an inspection in your area to find and connect with you, via the search/find an inspector utility.
  8. Manufactured Home Certifications will complete the report within 1 business day of receiving your inspection data.
  9. Manufactured Home Certifications will send you an email when the report is available to download from our website.
  10. Manufactured Home Certifications carries E&O Insurance for the inspection reports and covers you in that respect of the inspection. Personal and business liability and any other types of insurance are your responsibility.

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